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Our Approach to Content Creation

We firmly believe that you should let a professional handle the copywriting and content creation for your website. When we write copy for a website we:

  • Write compelling copy that gets prospects to take that next step
  • Write emotional copy to peak interest (people buy on emotions)
  • Write copy that leads a prospect through the buying process
  • Write copy around a central theme
  • Write to YOUR target market so they know you understand them

There are many other factors in writing compelling copy that increases perception of your company and also leads people through the buying process simply and efficiently.

We can write it or you can write it

We advise you let us write the content, but if the budget needs to be trimmed and you feel you have the writing skills necessary, we’re happy to let you do the writing for your website. We also help you along the way with web copywriting advice and some basic reviews and suggestions. But honestly it’s rarely ever going to turn out as powerful as a professionally written web page.

If we are doing search engine optimization, we will have to do some of the writing so we can increase keyword count and get better rankings.

If you’ve ever tried to write you’ll know it’s not as easy as it should be. To be good at something you need to do it frequently.  If you write articles, or other things frequently, then you could probably pull off writing the content for your new website.  But if you’d don’t write frequently then we recommend you leave it to the professionals.  We have a writer here in Portland that we work with that writes the conent for our Dental Websites.  For other industries we would outsource the work to an appropriate writer (we usually try to find a writer that has written before for your industry).

If you’d like our help with writing content for you new website, please call us at 360-882-9120 or contact us via email.

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“Data Supply Solutions was a lifesaver for my company website. Due to an oversight on my part, I failed to renew my domain name and lost access to the site. I searched frantically through my backup files, and found the original art work and nothing else. Fortunately James had stored a backup copy of my website on his server, and was able to quickly upload a recent version to the web. After a few small changes, James had my site back up in minutes saving me weeks of work. Thanks James for keeping Avanti Accounting online during a critical time of year.”

Chris Ortolano
Avanti Accounting

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